3 Elements of True Work Ethic That Can Help the Best to Last!

Is it really just a dream to be seen as an employee who’s dependable and efficient, while being able to spend time with your children before they go to bed at night, or for you to be able to get sleep by 11pm being that you need to rise at 5:30am the next day?  Even if you say “yes” to that question now, keep in mind, good dreams can actually come true! Truth is, there’s nothing ethical about being slave-driven whether it’s you, or someone else, at the wheel. You work best when you’re at your best. However, the unfortunate myth that many want you to believe is that being stretched too thin is something to be praised. Common thoughts of good work ethic is simply not ethical at all.

What generates good work ethic is not the willingness to always be the Go-To person, or to be the one who’s early in yet late out. Nor is it to be overly willing to work on your days off, rarely take vacations, or always be on the go. For, many can do that, and still not get job done right, or on time. Some might say, well LuKeisha, an employee like that shows signs of engagement. Though for some that may be true, it can also simply be a cover up of fears & insecurities, which result in procrastination and/or covert, though at times unknowingly to some doing it, assurance of job security. It can also indicate a mismanagement of staff, products, or project timelines.

It’s when employees can work Smarter & Not Harder, and still get the work done in due time, with a smile on their faces that work is ethical for both the employee and the company. Going forward, it’ll help to consider these next three elements of good work ethic. Not only will they properly give you a reprieve to relieve you, they’re also good factors that progress you towards higher levels of leadership and management of responsibilities, which brings promotion.

Delegate to Elevate

A motto I often share with others is when you hold back, it requires you to stay back, but when you push forward, you need to move forward too because you have to keep the momentum flowing. An excellent practice that’ll help you to excel is to evaluate the work tasks you do. Even if you are not on a supervisory level, yet, when you entrust a few tasks that you already have under your belt, for example, to a new hire or someone on your team who has the potential to progress their potential, not only do you free up your time to take on the rest of your responsibilities, but you also empower those, to which you delegate, to excel, giving them opportunity to rise to next levels in gaining additional experience! Additionally, to top it all off with a cherry on top, is now you have experience in developing others that’s a plus on your evaluation, or resume, when seeking advancement.

De-Stress to Be Your Best

This is not breaking news. However, times come when you can get caught up in the rat race and forget that you haven’t had a vacation day, much less a week or two, in 14 months! As I’ve often done in the past, are you the type that carry over your vacation time into the new year, if your company allows it? (tisk-tisk; pointer finger waving left to right) It’s incredibly helpful to take those vacation days, wisely, to de-compress. And, at least one day a week to do nothing but rest. I challenge you in a way that’ll put your dedication to the test; with you either adding 1 to 2 hours of personal wind-down time or extra bedtime to your daily routine.

In employees feeling as if they’ve got to do more & more; to do more work, they need to use more time, it can defeat the purpose. I often say when helping others to develop a work/life balance, that it’s thought the more you do the more you get done. But, the truth is, the more you are depleted, the less you get completed, because you won’t be able to focus or concentrate, which for example makes it more difficult to listen, and will produce more mishaps, misunderstandings, and mistakes. As the old adage goes; “Less is More”. What matters here is where you put your “less”, and I hope you’ll want to put it on your stress!

Debrief for Solutions of Relief

One activity I greatly appreciated in my former career as a Project Lead, was the “Lessons Learned” session we held after each project. It highlighted what our team did well, and revealed areas we could improve upon so we wouldn’t encounter them on subsequent projects. It’s not a place for useless complaint, nor for ratting out co-workers, but a time, to evaluate root causes and devise preventative measures, for example, when key members of your team, perhaps including you, needed to stay at work until 11pm for three weeks of the project. Despite the fact there may have been no overtime pay because everyone’s salaried, I’d bet you and your co-workers would like to avoid having to do that on a frequent basis. And, believe it or not, your bosses may appreciate that too when they realize the loyal, dedicated, and reliable engagement that results from healthy clear-minded employees who believe the big-wigs cared enough to implement solutions that respects their personal time, preventing employee rundowns.

It’s understandable if you hesitate a little before jumping in to use these suggestions, especially if you think it may rock the boat. But, it’s worth it to ponder seriously, and not procrastinate. For, Truth is… if a company thinks you not a good fit for them because you’re aiming to work Smarter & not harder, that company’s just not the one for you! Understand, great organizations and people, to work for, are those who Care about their employees’ overall well-being. For, most often people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their superiors.

These are just a few ways to practice true work ethic. Delegate to Elevate doesn’t reduce you but increases you and others, exemplary of being collaborative while not competitive with teammates. De-Stress to Be Your Best ensures you’re at the top of your game when you’re in the office, a meeting, or on a business trip. And, Debrief for Solutions of Relief shines a light on your responsible nature. Additionally, it shows that you care about the success of the business’ goals in areas in which you’re involved.

What are a few shifts you’re considering, or have decided, to make either at home, at work, or both that’ll put you on the path of work ethic that’s beneficial for both you, and your company?

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