3 Key Factors To Starting Off Right In Your Business Relationships

Relationships can be a rugged challenge! That applies to any kind; between siblings, a marriage, parent/child, but also in business relationships. Yet, as with all other relationships, it doesn’t have to be a scary feat to do what it takes to contribute to finding and building healthy business relationships.

Truth is, projects end. There are also times you pleasantly worked with one business collaborator on one project, but next time you needed them, they were too booked to take on your next project. Amidst all of this, you can still push through walls that attempt to stand in the way of successful professional relationships with your business associates, because your willingness to work with each other doesn’t have to end when the right elements are in place.

But, you have to start off with the elements out the gate. Which is why it’s important to focus in on a few factors before entering into a business collaboration on whatever kind of project you’re endeavoring to complete. If you don’t hit the ground running with these elements, it can be difficult to develop the trustworthy relationship you need during your time working together, if these attributes aren’t there. Not only during your time working together, but in retaining relationships for the long run, helping you to build a network of business connections to whom you can reach out regarding future endeavors, or they to you. Thus, when looking to form business relationships, it’s important to keep the following factors in mind while vetting your options.

Get Anchored in Self

Uumm, no, I don’t mean to become selfish or self centered. But, instead be true to you, your mission, and your vision. Whether others can see it, or not, in its various areas, your company is a reflection of who you are. Therefore, not only do you want others who embody similar endeavors to be your employees, but also your collaborators.

It’s not necessary to worry that doing so will pigeonhole your company to stagnate creativity or innovation, because those don’t necessarily come from core values. They come from a flexibility of what can be used in a different fashion than commonly thought, and can come while holding to integrity of all you and your company stands for.

Get Involved in the Conversation

I certainly hope you don’t get tired of me saying this, because… I say it often: Communication is Key to ANY successful relationship! Especially, to business relationships! My goodness, I can’t tell you how many things can go wrong without clear communication that everyone at the table can grasp and leave being on the same page, knowing who each stakeholder is, and knowing what each is tasked to do.

That being said, once you get a handle on who you and your company are and what you honestly represent, at the starting gate, let your key stakeholders, your business connections, especially new ones, know who you are and what you represent. And, here’s where the selfishness ends: ask them about who they and their companies are and what they represent. Then “listen”. No conversation is a good conversation if all involved doesn’t get a chance to talk AND listen.

Get a Sense of Longevity

Those of you who are married, or seriously dating, think to the time when either your significant other, or their parent(s), asked: “What intentions do you have for this relationship?” This is the next direction to go in once you’ve all communicated what matters to you most, because it’s here where you determine, at the least, their stance on being trustworthy and loyal to what your core values are, as you also communicate your own position on trustworthiness and loyalty.

Why is this important? You might say that it’s obvious. And, I agree, but  please take it as a reminder, in certain business relationships, this is a cornerstone to build on so the relationship doesn’t crumble when you need it to stay intact. It’s with this alignment, wherein you and your business collaborators gain comfort in knowing that you’re each reliable and dependable in areas that matter most. It makes it easier to sleep at night when you wholeheartedly believe in how the dealings of those you work with, and work for, are carried out. For, when you’ve fostered this sense of stability, it makes way for a long and lucrative pairing!

These few factors, are most essential at the formation of business relationships, but also throughout new ones that are still in the “dating” phase so to speak. Getting anchored in self, involved in the conversation, and a sense of longevity, not only works for the business connections you want to make, but also, the employees you may be endeavoring to hire. For, there’s nothing like a lack of alignment between an employee’s purpose with a business’ mission that causes a lack of employee engagement. Use these, not only to form a solid business network, but also to help yourself, and/or your staff who does the hiring, to bring those on board who will be truly immersed and engaged in all you stand for and endeavor to do in and through your organization!

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