3 Real Life Examples to Help You to Live, Love, Laugh with Thanksgiving Yearlong!

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Live, Love, Laugh is an old popular adage. And, a good one to go by. One that makes way for a grateful heart. What better way to experience life, not only on Thanksgiving day, but all year around than to Live fully, Love completely, and Laugh heartily? For, in doing so, inevitable tears of sorrow can turn into tears of a joy that you won’t need to borrow, in a way that it comes now, not having to wait for tomorrow. But, what is it to live, to love, to laugh, especially when situations can be so obviously imperfect? It makes me wonder, about ways many, who frequently speak this wise phrase, actually apply it to their lives. For me…

I am Thankful that I am able to Live; to wake up each morning and pursue my purpose that makes life worth living. We all have one. Imagine living yours, which you may be doing but never really took the time to think of the positive impact you make on others around you. Not only are you Living, but you are making it, even if only in a small way or in the microscopic corner of your world, easier for someone else to Live as well. To be empowered to leave a place and/or its people, perhaps only one, in a better state than you found them when you came, is Living out the Good Works you were purposed to do.

I am Grateful that I am able to Love. Right off the bat, you may think of romantic love. Perhaps you’re thinking; “She must be close to her loved ones.” In all sense of the matter of Love on a larger scale, though, is what I’m referring to. That through my journey, I have learned to love people like you to Life, the same Abundant Life that I am so thankful to Live. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter whether I know you or not. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your past, or what you’re even doing now. Truth is… I may not always love what you do, but I will always Love You to Life! This is for the simple fact that you’re not just here to survive, but to thrive, and arrive into the fullness of you! You deserve to Live! You deserve to Love! And, you deserve to enjoy it, despite challenges!

I am Appreciative that I am able to Laugh. Yes, sometimes I cry. Sometimes I get frustrated, but I also laugh. Extremely rarely do I laugh “wrongly” at others, as I try not to do that, but I enjoy good clean humor. I can laugh at myself at times. And, this morning as I walked my dog, I walked past a department store that was playing Christmas songs. And, maybe as you have, thought to myself, it’s Thanksgiving & they’re already playing Christmas music and decorations are up. Then, I adjusted my thinking, because my being a believer in Christ, what better event to be Thankful for on this Thanksgiving day than the day we were all graced with the birth of Jesus Christ who set the opportunity for us to be able to Live fully, with everlasting Life; to Love others as we Love ourselves; and to Laugh by not letting our hearts be troubled by troubles that must come in life? Now that’s some thing to be Grateful for! The Christmas song they were playing was We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and I Laughed!… as I jovially thought, now I’ve heard this song thousands of times over the decades, “What the heck is Piggy Pudding?!” But, after looking up the lyrics, I saw that it was Figgy Pudding! My goodness🤦🏽‍♀️… what some of us do to music lyrics we don’t correctly know!😁

What about you, Beloved? What are you Thankful for? How do you Live, Love, & Laugh in your life?

And, if you have a Rock’n Recipe for “Figgy” Pudding, please feel free to share that too, just in case anyone wants to try it!

I Give Thanks for You, and to You, Beloved, for being a faithful participant in either or both Cornerstone Solid Hope and LuKeisha Carr Ministries International!

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!


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