3 Simple Steps Towards Gaining Trustworthiness

A long road to recovery it is when what was built over time can come tumbling down with a breach of trust. This begs, as others’ trust falls, and tears & fears raise, now is the time where it’s essential to work to regain trust and restore credibility. In the same way I’ve encouraged groups of ex-offenders, coaching them to prepare them to re-enter society, rebuilding trust, an arduous task it is, yet it’s necessary and absolutely possible to do. For, the fear of a person, group of people, organization, or even a nation, having let others down, especially in ways that others they’ll need to later interact with have clearly seen, is; how do they recover and successfully move on with such a tarnish on their record when what’s hidden inevitably comes, or has come, to light?

Regret and remorse carry an undesirable presence, even when it’s deserved. Looking on the bright side, however, this is a much needed catalyst to repair broken trust. Repairing trust embodies several elements, but here are just a solid foundational few, that starts with representation needing to, unpretentiously, embody and emit integrity, regard, and commitment. Beginning with choosing to…

Operate in Authenticity

From my own experience, those in my close circle of friends, are who they say they are, and do what they say they’re going to do, ensuring their activities and efforts align with our equally held core values, which undergirds our joint and individual endeavors. Being authentic enables you to be truthful, to embark on honorable pursuits, and represent as that, transparently to the world while you do them. Fact of the matter is, partnerships, alliances, teams, of any kind, not only survive, but thrive when they…

Operate with Consideration

In being considerate of the well-being of others you partner with, comes an empathetic perspective as you think of yourself, in their shoes, ultimately deciding the best actions to carry out for them as you would want to have others carry out for yourself, if you were in a similar situation. As you become more mindful in building others up, or genuinely hospitably inviting them to experience life as they deserve, it prevents a blatant disregard for other’s Well-being, making evident, a commendable respect for Human life, regardless of who they are and/or where they come from.

For, it’s not difficult to, though perhaps, now not quite being where you need to be but still having come forward from where you used to be, to agree that others who want and deserve to live a life of abundant safety, equality, prosperity, freedom, & longevity, have just as much right as any human being on this earth to achieve. And, in keeping in line with thoughts and words, so deeds have need to…

Operate in Reliability

In consistently, and effectively, being present in doing all required to ensure the ones you want to trust you, are not handed over to harmful practices, by yourself and/or others, which are behaviors that are not in “THEIR” best interests, that ultimately work against their purpose to progress towards all they truly deserve. Your active presence in their lives must bloom fruit of a sweet essence of results that are in favor of the ones you claim to love, even at Humanity level, and support.

Truth is… reputation can be as fragile, or as solid, as its representation, which ultimately is an incarnation of our values. A representation that can exhibit integrity through authenticity of upholding defining values we’d like to be known as living by; show regard by way of consideration for the health and lives of those deserving of our support based on those values; and exemplify committed actions by showing we’re reliable to be who we say we are, and to do what we say we’ll do, trust can be rebuilt through manifestation of those values. And, in doing this, not only is a genuine and solid trustworthiness formed, it also develops a sense of peaceful liberty within yourself, in knowing you’re doing the right things by others, not at the expense of your own well-being, but at your gain of restored self-respect and the relieving ability to exhale.

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