Founded in 2013, by LuKeisha Carr, Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach (BCACLC), Cornerstone Solid Hope (originally Solid Foundation of Hope until 2018) is a Christian-based company with a mission to provide a way to bring forth Divine Promises of Hope, in this life and for the eternal life, that has been graciously given to all of us by our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

Are you thinking, “I’m/We’re not a ‘religious’ person/company”?

That’s OK! The Abundant Life is not about “religion” but Good Relationship! So, you don’t have to let that deter you from living your fullest life!

The services provided by LuKeisha, through Cornerstone Solid Hope, are for everyone, no matter who you are, no matter where you are from or are currently, and no matter what you’ve experienced, to give you the Truth that there’s no need to live this life settling for less than that which is in store for you. Purpose, power, and peace you seek is available and accessible starting with just a few shifts in how you see yourself, what you say to/about yourself, and what you envision for yourself.

LuKeisha’s life coaching opens a pathway to people, like yourself, or others entrusted to you, enabling a claim of liberation, restoration, and enjoyment using life applicable teachings, via recorded and live speaking events, products, and individual/group coaching workshops based on timeless Biblical principles.

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