Post Election – Soothing for Sorrowful Souls

In the aftermath of our nation’s 2016 presidential election night and intertwined through the shouts of chanting cheers “let’s make America great again”, there are murmurs in the hearts of people saying, “what’s going to happen to America? What’s going to happen to us?”  These are questions many are asking, not only in the boundaries…

It’s a Shift Made Room For Right

At times it seems the most difficult to recover from a broken heart as we are still staring at the broken pieces.  It’s only when we choose to look up and peer beyond them that we can see any hope to climb up and over the heap.  Now is that time!  The broken pieces of…

Prayer: Comfort and Healing for Charleston SC

Though it’s happening slower than we thought in light of some recent racially divided events, let us dare to believe that in the Oneness of God, the world will someday soon operate under a covering of colorblind love. We are all people. We all contain red blood. We all require oxygen. We all need love….

Prayer for Our Spiritual Leaders

The Lord impressed upon me this morning to write out this prayer, as well as to pray it, for our spiritual leaders who bear, like the Old Testament priests who wore heavy priestly garments adorned with stones upon the shoulders representing, the burdens of their people. Often we fail to remember our leaders in prayer….

CROSSed the Gap

If you are a strategic planner, analytical thinker; one who may have even been called a nerd or geek at some point in your life, revel in the fact that you have been given some very awesome gifts from our Heavenly Father! These are character traits that though sometimes laughed at, are inherited from on…