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Full Question: “How Should I Ensure that My Work and My Contributions Get Visibility within the Company? What new skills do I need to get ahead?”

Dear Inquirer,

This is a great question I’m sure many people have. And, it can be frustrating when wanting to move ahead, because without understanding some things that can be done to make it happen, it can appear an insurmountable feat. I assure you, however, that it is not. Here are at least three things you can begin to do right now that cultivates seeds of potential of highlighting your potential in the work you do!

The first is to Take Initiative in doing tasks you want get noticed doing, and can do with excellence. This is a great trait that will get the attention of those who notice, not that you’re doing “more”, because the goal is not to do more work, but that you’re willing to get the important things done, and best yet, get them done proficiently and efficiently. Some of those tasks could be what’s already known that needs to be done but no one’s taken responsibility for, yet. Or, what can truly shine a light is doing what you have sensed could be helpful to do, but your team or organization hasn’t discussed the need for them, much less currently do them.

And, you’ll be heard more often as you Exercise Assertiveness, and speak up. An old adage is the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Of course, I don’t recommend being annoying, like that analogy sounds, but the point is, that remaining silent brings no changes. Share your ideas in your staff or project meetings. Perhaps conduct a meeting yourself, with all the appropriate stakeholders, to present your thoughts. If you notice a step in a plan that seems a little off, for instance, like it may work out better if done differently, have that solution in mind, ready to voice the concern, present the solution, and explain how it prevents the concern.

To be prepared to speak up, Paint an Aligned Vision.  According to very helpful advice through a website called, two ways to make your ideas and work known is to ensure that what you do or introduce aligns with your leaderhip’s goals & vision. To do this, be resourceful in finding ways to stay abreast on what Management, Directors, CEO’s/CFO’s, or whoever is involved up the ladder of what you do, is looking to achieve for project goals or company direction. Once you know some things that you feel you can contribute to with excitement and in excellence, paint a vision of that method or process that shows them how it can bring their goals to fruition.

When it comes to acquiring new skills that can give your career a boost, I think at least one other tool to have in your bag of skills, along with Assertiveness and Resourcefulness, and can be used in any industry you work in are Communication skills. Communication skills are wide range, but ideally, I believe having good Presentation skills to effectively convey those Painted Aligned Visions is imperative. Also, as a team member or a leader, understanding how to navigate communication using Group Dynamics is extremely helpful. As clear effective communication among group members on a team can enhance the chances for success of your projects and the comraderie within your team.

As you begin to take the Initiative that exhibits your passion to engage, Exercise Assertiveness that expresses your courage and confidence, and Paint an Aligned Vision that shows you understand and care about what’s important, I believe you’re on your way to having your work noticed in ways you haven’t yet seen!

Thank you so much for your question! I wish the very best of success for you!


Lukeisha H. CarrLove You to Life!

Lukeisha Carr, BCACLC

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