This New Year Presents a Chance for You to Set Yourself Up for the Love You Deserve!

If you’re wishing your outlook on Love could be different; that…

  • your current relationship could be in better standing.
  • you could even muster up, past a waining, desire to allow yourself to date again.
  • you can stop wasting time on who’s not right for you, and get to the core of the one who “IS” right for you.

…then you’re in the right place, right here!

The Love Does’t Hurt 3-week online course will prepare you with the following:

  • Considering all the mixed mismashed world views on love, you’ll Laser in on True Love!
  • Past experiences, no matter how long ago, can put a damper on opening your heart to Love again, but here you’ll be equipped with what you need to Courageously Believe in Love Again!
  • Feeling like you’re too old to play the Dating Game? Well, no matter how old you are, no one wants to waste time! Gain understanding on what it takes to quickly Discern a Match with Promising Potential of Fulfillment!

It’s a New Year for a New You in a New View where your prospect on Love can shift from where it is now to where you want it to be! Just…

Click the button below to reserve your spot starting on June 20, 2019 at 7:00pm! Register by April 30, 2019, use promo code: ITSYOURTIME, and attend for HALF PRICE! And, if you are an Abundant Life Community member, you’ll receive 70% off ticket price! Just login to the ALC Members’ console, and use the promo code provided there! So, don’t miss this opportunity to set a tone of Love for 2019!

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