I coach those just like your students, clients, or employees, who need a little boost, helping them to more effectively navigate their current situations in ways that stabilizes and prepares them for the next levels of their journey towards betterment and fulfillment.  This takes evolvement in three essential areas.  Which area do you think they need or would like to advance?




Hone in on personal identity and purpose as preparation to make a difference with innate uniqueness. Ignite recognizable passion that aligns with chosen areas of immersion and maintains levels of consistent interest. Uncover hidden treasures within, and pull forth courage, that enables autonomy and resourcefulness.



Do Any of These Sound Like Any of Those Entrusted to You?

~~ Does anyone need to start to be more accountable or to stop negative self-talk?

~~ Has engagement in what’s important, or enthusiasm for life, seem like it’s eluded them?

~~ With juggling the in’s and out’s of life, do they feel they have trouble controlling the affects of stress?

~~ Have they been wondering where God is, and if He’s listening?

~~ Do they have difficulty being different, or trying to fit in?

~~ Are they often fearfully underestimating themselves, settling for less than you know they can do, or deserve?

~~ Is there interpersonal relation strain between them and their co-workers, family members, or peers that begs for appropriate attention?

If so, they’re not alone. Many others have encountered these challenges before.


I Can Relate to How They Feel

Years ago was a time where I once too, had recognized myself feeling like my life should have been different, if only I had made better decisions. God felt very far away, as the life I had built for myself, along with significant relationships began to fall away. The aftermath, for quite some time, was filled with unproductive efforts to hold onto who this changing world no longer needed me to be. And, I became stuck.

From the viewpoint in which I stood at the time, I couldn’t see past my 10 year, 6-figure, corporate career becoming increasingly unstable. Looking beyond some poor decisions made in personal relationships was extremely difficult, which left me regretful and bound by fearful indecisiveness.  And, the walls of restriction, that I managed to box myself in, further blocked me from peering over them to see my true self.


But Life Can Be Different

Eventually, after having tried whatever I could with integrity, to pull myself out my struggles, I realized I needed to focus on figuring out why I was here, and how my life contributed to the grand scheme of things. As I began to make some great unexpected discoveries, there came consistent courage I didn’t know was available to me to take steps forward into the life ordained for, and revealed to, me. Additionally, with a new found assurance, how I began to perceive and interact with the people around me has been completely conducive to a new outlook on life!

Fast forward several years later, I now am founder and owner of Cornerstone Solid Hope providing group and individual coaching as a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach through the Board of Christian Life Coaching.  With this I also, furnish empowering messages and transformational tips as a speaker, blogger, and host of a show called “(Pod)Casting Potential with LuKeisha Carr” that’s listened to in more than 25 countries around the world.

No matter where your clients are from, where they are, what they’ve done, or what has happened to them, a similar life turnaround is available to them too!


Having a Coach Can Absolutely Help!

As their life coach, I would be delighted in helping them to navigate through the twists and turns of life, so they can live it abundantly.

They don’t have to continue to feel like they’re living beneath the inheritance they truly have access to. The good success and prosperity they seek can, as it was intended, span all areas of their lives, including health and spirit! With coaching, those entrusted under your support and leadership, will be edified, enriched, and empowered to be enabled, boosting them towards engagement that’s fulfilling for them.

Getting started is easy! Just review my Work With Me page, and follow through on the next steps at the bottom of the page!

I look forward to working with you in the near future!



Lukeisha H. CarrLoving Those Entrusted to You to Life!

Lukeisha Carr, BCACLC

Biblical Life Coach, Coaching Those Entrusted to You to Their Abundant Life in Christ!