Coming Along Side You to

Elevate Those Entrusted to You Towards Success at Life

I coach those just like your students, clients, or employees, who need a little boost, helping them to more effectively navigate their current situations in ways that stabilizes and prepares them for the next levels of their journey towards betterment, fulfillment, and enthusiastic engagement at what they do.  This takes evolvement in three essential areas.  Which area do you think they need or would like to advance?


Uncover hidden treasures within, and pull forth courage, that enables autonomy and resourcefulness. Ignite recognizable passion that aligns with chosen areas of immersion and maintains levels of consistent interest. Hone in on personal identity and purpose as preparation to make a difference with innate uniqueness.



Do Any of These Sound Like Any of Those Entrusted to You?

~~ Does anyone need to start to be more accountable, take more initiative, or to stop negative self-talk?

~~ Has engagement in their work, personal aspirations, with customers, family, or enthusiasm for life, seem like it’s eluded them?

~~ With juggling the in’s and out’s of life, do they feel they have trouble establishing work life balance, and controlling the affects of stress?

~~ Have they been wondering where God is, and if He’s listening?

~~ Do they have difficulty being different, or trying to fit in?

~~ Are they often fearfully underestimating themselves, underachieving, or settling for less than you know they can do, or deserve?

~~ Is there interpersonal relation strain between them and their co-workers, clients, family members, or peers that begs for appropriate attention?

If so, they’re not alone. Many others have encountered these challenges before.


I Can Relate to How They Feel

There are times when any one of those entrusted to your care can feel like they can’t handle all the balls of life being thrown at them. Uncertainty on how to respond and rectify the issues of life can dampen their enthusiasm for finishing college. For that employee you know has great potential, similar experiences can negatively impact their enjoyment of the work they once so passionately loved, which ultimately impacts your organization’s goals. It can affect the way they interact with their co-workers, peers, family, and the clients your team supports. And, at times when faith stumbles in situations where they thought should have been different, it can create apathy and complacency. Experiencing all this makes an easy perception of unhappiness and unfulfillment that casts a gloom, in their eyes, over many areas of their lives. What makes it worse is they may not be sharing it with anyone, causing that to be the missing piece of the solution that you’ve been seeking to bring better out of them.


But Life Can Be Different

It’s Your Time!, to get your employees more genuinely and enthusiastically engaged, and bring your students, or clients, to the peak of their full potential at this age and stage of their lives. As they begin to make some great unexpected discoveries, there’ll come consistent courage they don’t know is available to them to take steps forward into the lives ordained for them. Additionally, with a new found assurance, how they’ll begin to perceive and interact with others around them with a new outlook on life, boosting interpersonal experiences within students’ social circles, and between co-workers, as well as between employees and the clients they serve for you.

No matter where your students, employees, or clients are from, where they are, what they’ve done, or what has happened to them, a life turnaround is available to them!


Having a Coach Can Absolutely Help!

As their life coach, I would be delighted in helping them to navigate through the twists and turns of life, so they can live it abundantly, enjoying more aspects of themselves as they become resilient and resourceful, including at school and work.

They don’t have to continue to feel like they’re living beneath the inheritance they truly have access to. The good success and prosperity they seek can, as it was intended, span all areas of their lives, including health and spirit! With coaching, those entrusted under your support and leadership, will be edified, enriched, and empowered to be enabled, boosting them towards engagement that’s fulfilling for them.

Getting started is easy! Just review my Work With Me page, and follow through on the next steps at the bottom of the page!

I look forward to working with you in the near future!



Lukeisha H. CarrLoving Those Entrusted to You to Life!

Lukeisha Carr, BCACLC

Coaching to Cultivate the Abundant Life on an Unshakable Foundation!