What To Do with a Narcissistic Partner When Narcissism Has Portrayed On World Stage as Presidential

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Interestingly, some expert psychologists informally diagnosed Mr. Trump a narcissist due to clearly exhibited traits, also corroborated by supporting behavioral traits described in various testimonies of others who admittedly had, challenging to say the least, experiences working with him.

His words and actions, from the time of his campaign, has raised even in children’s minds, “Can a bully become President?”. As, leaders are expected to exemplify “acceptable” behavior leading to success: right? Thus, now that Mr. Trump’s President Trump, it can almost make an adult wonder, “Well if that kind of behavior made it to the highest office of the land, can it be that bad? So, though, I’ve been stuck trying to decide, should I stick out this relationship with my narcissistic partner?”

Unfortunately, I can’t say; you should stay, walk on eggshells, cringe holding back tears as you’re belittled and degraded, at times publicly, but surely mostly privately. Nor can I tell you, on a day when at home due to manipulation to not pursue your dreams, since in their eyes you know nothing about business and would make everyone laugh at “him”(or “her”), to pull out suitcases for you and the kids. Throw in all necessities, not even folding them, securely strap the bags and your children in the SUV, and drive for the hills! But, I can provide guidance on affects this kind of relationship can have on you and your children. Not only it’s affects but what you’re entitled to as a masterpiece created by the Master’s hands. You’re created with purpose, with care. And, like a priceless vase, you weren’t made to be broken and shattered by the likes of someone without capacity to handle you like the treasure you are. Let’s start with the fact that, though your experiences may say differently,…

Love Doesn’t Hurt

So, remind yourself that you deserve better treatment, because…

Truth is: Love does no harm. Harm comes in all forms, other than physical: emotional, psychological, financial, & spiritual. Though you may love your partner more appropriately than love you receive, consider increasing being better able at You Loving You so you no longer allow yourself to be harmed. Only then, whether or not this relationship ends, you’ll be able to give healthy love, while being equipped to recognize it so not to return to, or accept what’s unacceptable from, that type of unhealthy relationship.

You Can Move Forward In Freedom

The “stuck” you’re feeling comes from various types of fear. If your partner is like most narcissists, you have been made to feel like you can’t exist or succeed without being connected with them. Though…

Truth is: You Can! We’re created to be healthfully interdependent while being able to be successfully independent.

It’s OK to Seek Help

Seek help from a counselor, or life coach, who can help you to rediscover yourself & your personal power. One narcissistic tactic is to make you feel powerless, hopeless, & useless so you’re no longer, or never become, confident & strong in who you are at your core. When…

Truth is: Your strength & confidence is still there, just buried under rubble of all that narcissistic trouble. So, you can excavate it!

Your Wholeness is Possible

Married? Know it’s not impossible, but extremely challenging remaining in an abusive relationship, & not be totally consumed by it, “IF” you’re willing to discover your own strength, and most importantly, live it steadfastly, no matter your partner’s push back. In light of this…

Truth is: If you choose to stay, your partner will either do what it takes to measure up, mature up, & step up to wisely consistently change their ways, or choose to leave, because you can no longer be controlled, thus, their unhealthy self-absorbed needs will starve.

The Future Matters

Lastly, consider your children, if you have any or plan on having any, a narcissistic parent’s just as harmful to children as they are to their partners. For the reason that…

Truth is: Children are prone to directly experience similar emotional, physical, and psychological abuse. They, also, learn from what’s exemplified around them, and it becomes a harmful habit passed from generation to generation, unless you take necessary measures attempting to stop the propagation.


All being said, please know, if your life, and/or your children lives, & health are threatened, you’re entitled to seek safety without judgment.

May Light shine upon healthiest, life giving, Divine destiny saving, wisest decision for you & all that is yours. And may you be filled with peace to follow through on whatever that is for you. Because Truth is: no matter how successful you may seem outside looking in, it’s genuine love, joy, and peace you deserve on the inside!



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