As a Coach…

I work with groups and individuals who are looking to move forward, and embrace peace, despite past or current situations, peering and preparing to go beyond what holds them back, towards their purpose and destiny.

Available services includes, one-to-one coaching for personalized focus, and group coaching workshops.

Distance is not an issue! No matter where you are in the world, sessions can be held in-person, by phone, or online.


As a Speaker…

You can expect:

~~ Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.

~~ A personal phone consultation with me prior to your event, so I can best understand how I can best serve you and your audience.

~~ An announcement about your event on my blog and social media channels, if it’s open to the public and you want additional visibility for it.

~~ A gracefully delivered presentation, excellently prepared and focused on achieving the desired outcomes you want for your audience.

Areas of Expertise

Available to you depending on your personal endeavors, or the goals of what’s needed/desired by those entrusted to your care, are:

~~ Personal Empowerment Coaching – is what can help you, or those entrusted to you, when feeling tired of fearful thinking, with readiness to release hindering habits of tendency used to mitigate that fear, and begin to be self-assured, feeling like a success at life!
~~ Relationship Enhancement Coaching – coaching in this area equips you, or those entrusted to you, whether an individual with co-workers, peers, family, or a couple with each other, who want to strengthen relationships with others or even with yourself/themselves, to enable contribution towards forming more genuine bonds, built on a foundation of authentic confidence within!
~~ Spiritual Enrichment Coaching –  is for any who seek to strengthen their relationship with God through Christ, to begin to tap into understanding and handling life’s daily challenges on a spiritual level, while gaining peace and prosperity in various areas of your life, or the lives of those entrusted to you, if they so desire to pursue!


Coaching & Speaking Topics

Most often than not, I speak on topics that I coach, and coach on topics that I speak about, which include a variety, including, but not limited to the following.  They all fit into one or more the three coaching specialties.  Understanding that participants’ needs and goals are unique, I am absolutely open to working with event hosts to customize content accordingly.

~~ Relating to Me, We, & The Heavenly – this is an overall subject that encompasses more specific sub-topics focusing on discovering self, embracing responsibility, & pulling forth potential; guides attendees towards contributing compassion & understanding in interpersonal relationships; and where desired by participants, form a spiritual foundation or closer bond with The Heavenly Father. One of the sub-topics here is: Cultural Cordial Conversations.

~~ From Weights to Wings – An umbrella topic that uncovers confidence, in various sub-topics of life, that’s often buried under the weight of worries & cares of the world, enlightening & lightening participants, enabling them to spread their wings, helping them to Prosper in Power.

~~ Harvest Fruit from a Fallen Tree – The seemingly impossible is revealed possible when the inevitable unexpected & unwanted happens. Here is where attendees discover their ability to recover, taking the best from what appears to be the worst situations.

~~ Dare to Don Your Different – this topic encourages participants to embrace their uniqueness, even if it seems to marginalize them, by guiding them towards discovering a purpose for what makes them different. For, everyone is here to impact their part of the world in ways that are to shift the norm. To make a difference, there needs to be something different!

~~ And More!



Overall Measurement of Client Satisfaction:

97% of Clients happy with met expectations of workshop sessions
71.4% satisfied clients with relevant & useful content, expertise, and teaching style

“Fantastic speaker! When you talked about getting out of your comfort zone… it really resonated with me & my life. Thanks for sharing.”

“Lukeisha is an amazing woman of God – I’d love to hear her speak again.”

“What great grace and poise. I’m so impressed with your delivery… very interesting, entertaining… Well done!”

“Thank you for putting together a well-thought out and powerful presentation. Your contribution… is a gift. Thank you for sharing and giving of yourself to others.”

 “Great message! I want to hear more!”

“Put it on God’s tab spoke to me!”

“Awesome. She was ready and she showed that she’s not ashamed of who her God is; Jesus!”


Coaching and speaking is available to a variety of clients, including but not limited to, the following:

~~ Attendees at Solid Foundation of Hope hosted events or individual sessions

~~ Conferences

~~ Colleges & Universities

~~ Churches & Faith-based Organizations

~~ Businesses & Organizations

~~ Domestic Violence Programs

~~ Ex-offender Programs

~~ Adult Living Facilities



Thank you for considering me for your coaching needs or next event!



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